A successful business owner should know ….

A business owner decision making financial reports?

10 Factors of a successful Business Owner.

The key to becoming an effective Business-Owner is by understanding and learning your financial position. For any business, the financial position is the most important factor of the present and future status and credibility of that firm. This becomes more and more true as you grow in your business. A successful business owner spend an hour or two in a daily basis to analyse the financial reports . Usually that is sufficient to make it through to understand your company’s financial position. Throughout life, you need to know about the status of your financial position and your company status.
In accounting terms, only 3 reports will give you a summary of your financial position and your company status.

  • 1. Profit & loss (P&L)
  • 2. Trial Balance (TB)
  • 3. Balance Sheet (BS)

Plan Your Training Course.

We provide Tally ERP training on a variety of business management software applications. As like most of SMB ERP’s, Tally also comes with basic 3 modules. Accounting, Inventory, Payroll. The trainees can choose the right ERP training courses according to their requirements. At Accounts Arabia, we provide training on Tally ERP in different levels.  Like, Tally ERP, Basic, Medium, and Advanced. Whether the learners want to apply an ERP system to manage their human resource management tasks or to manage financial activities within their organizations, we have the right ERP training to offer to all professionals. Explore our bunch of ERP courses here.

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  • Never stop learning – the enthusiasm, compactness, and  the end goal.

  • It is simple and easy – Join our Online training Training Courses

  • Do practice – in a daily basis.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a suite of integrated business-management software applications that an organization uses for collecting, storing, managing and interpreting data from different business activities, including: product planning, manufacturing, purchases, and service delivery. Many top technology vendors offer ERP software solutions that organizations can implement depending upon their size and business requirements.

“Is your company already using a Tally.ERP accounting system ? Or Planning to buy Tally.ERP?”

If so, you need to make sure that your employees fully understand how to use this valuable resource. When it’s integrated correctly, an ERP can make a significant impact on your company’s success. Properly training your employees in the use of the ERP will help assure that all of its benefits are fully realized for your company. Let’s examine some of the major benefits of ERP training.

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